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... take advantage our invaluable experience in creating programs for Windows, Unix and Android ...

Today conducting business is much more easier than a few decades ago: despite perplexing regulatory risks, economic competition defense and marketing wars, a range of sophisticated instruments exists, able to facilitate any type of activity management and to provide the desired result. Software development is the key to long expected success, opening the doors before the client to the world of efficient IT solutions, innovative products and profits. That's exactly why serious and quality approach is of uttermost importance in the process of software product selection and must be completely based on the client's needs and expectations. Thus, software development is viewed as sophisticated and comprehensive process aimed at creation of programming support meeting the criteria of quality, safety and operativeness. Furthermore, the totality of modern interactive technologies is used including analysis, design, modeling, testing and product localization. B2C Soft LLC has the team of the renowned programmers and Web designers eager to assist you in exclusive software development for efficient Internet solutions implementation and complex business processes automatization. Our product is represented by high class software developed in compliance with the world standards by the latest information technologies integration. You can take advantage of our invaluable expertise in the sphere of custom software for installation on Windows and Android, for mobiles, tablets and corporate websites. The key aspect of B2C Soft LLC's professional activity is flexible response to the client's requirements and selection of all working methods and forms providing the most optimal attainment of your target.

IDE development tools, programming languages​​, technologies

Our team of professional developers has high technical training, quality practical knowledge of working in integrated development environments, programming languages for local and Web-based applications and possesses the dominant technologies in the field of software development.

Integrated development environments, programming languages, technologies

  • Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, MS SQL Management Studio;
  • ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC, VB.Net, C#;
  • JavaScript, VBScript, RegExp;
  • SQL / T-SQL.

Technologies, frameworks and libraries

  • ADO.Net, ADO, ActiveX, OLE, COM/DCOM, ODBC, WinForms, WCF, WPF, LINQ, AJAX;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework, Entity Framework, SighalR, jQuery;
  • Underscore, jQuery UI, Bootstrap;
  • Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight.

DBMS - Database Management System

  • MS SQL, Oracle, Postgree, SQLite, MySQL, NoSQL, MS Access.

Software tools

  • ErWin, Power Designer, Enterprise Architect;
  • XMLSpy, Visio, Rational Rose.

Tools for working with graphics

  • Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Creative Suite.

Software development process

The whole process of software development can be conventionally divided into several complex stages:

  • conducting analysis of the client's requirements and IT consulting;
  • drafting technical design specification and primary evaluation of the project;
  • development of the product architecture and design;
  • software makeup, HTML pages creation;
  • programming stage;
  • testing of the programming product developed;
  • software localization and adjustment;
  • user training and technical support.

Each of the above mentioned stages has complex structure and is viewed as the totality of actions being regulated by the client and focused on the final result desired. Accordingly, our experienced programmers can include additional stages to the process of software development (consulting, product development and further maintenance), if they can have impact on your business solutions efficiency and immensity. Therefore, owing to deep Internet knowledge and impeccable technical skills the team of B2C Soft LLC will develop exclusive and safe software for you, being of highest quality and adjusted for your requirements and solutions.

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