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Database development, design and implementation

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Today information diversity grows as well as exponential increase of the Internet. Therefore, use of navigational capabilities of the most progressive search systems with the aim of obtaining the concrete information becomes almost impossible task. In addition, large volumes of information, needed for the certain company performance, often contain the maximum of inner data used for personal aims. In order to provide safety, defense and the most friendly use of the company information, database design takes place as it ensures all the above mentioned terms. The team of professional developers of B2C Soft LLC, having long-term successful expertise in database design of different complexity, will easily release the client both from the necessity of additional employees training and acquisition of skills on systematic ways of data mining.

Exclusive approach in the process of database design and development

Proceeding to database design with due account to the special nature of the client's business, our specialists assist in solving a range of problems:

  • safe storage of all information;
  • providing atomic data access if requested by the customer;
  • information volume optimization;
  • excluding duplication of data;
  • integrity and operativeness.

Database design and development in each case require individual approach – only in such terms operation of database used for each local application or project will be safe and efficient. Ease of arrangement, searching and data selection depends on development of software using the above mentioned database. This work includes not only creation of optimal tables forming the whole database, but also ensuring their interaction. In addition, the relational database of the server is able to improve network traffic and provide only application information needed, what can lead to significant reduction of hardware support costs and time expenditures. The specified defense and back up capability will protect your information both from unauthorized persons and loss of data. Smart graphics simulation and interface handy for data management will enable our client to use the designed databases in the most favorable way. Therefore, in the process of database development executed by experts of B2C Soft LLC the combination of four main programming elements is provided. The above mentioned elements involve the following:

  • a range of HTML pages including user interface;
  • scenarios for dynamic pages construction;
  • components providing applications operativeness such as separation of sessions and database access;
  • maintaining the path for connection between operating system, Web server and application server.

Therefore, using our professionals' knowledge and skills, the client always obtains the result required.

Database development

The correct database development implies the selection of optimal solution for data storage and access in the context of their modern types.

Relational databases

As a rule, relational databases are popular for convenience and user-friendliness, high capacity, scalability and flexibility. It must be mentioned that scalability as the main advantage of such data storage depends directly-proportionally on the number of engines used: it is the most efficient in case of using one server and drops with other engines additional resources involvement. This disadvantage of relational databases is viewed as one of the most important. Relational databases are also recommended to be chosen in order to provide higher scalability.

Nonrelational databases

They represent data bank of key-value type. Nonrelational databases are less popular today than relational, but possess a range of significant advantages:

  • they have simple structure enabling to ensure more scalability;
  • provide the ability to choose multiuser database with wide spectrum of scalability and for low price.

The important aspect of database development is different internal structure of objective and relational code models, what leads to objects noncompliance. Using key-value bank enables you to solve the problem of noncompliance without time spending by data storing in special structure able to reflect objects naturally. B2C Soft LLC develops a variety of databases according to the type of your website platform: MS SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL, Postgree, NoSQL, Oracle. The brief description of the most popular databases being developed by us is given below.


This database is considered to be the universal data storage – it serves uncomplicated software products of small and medium business enterprises and also has functionality suitable for wide spectrum of data storing including documents, various tables and multimedia files. Therefore, we are dealing with multifunctional data storage able to fulfill the tasks of DataMining and OLAP classes.

MS SQL Server

This is Microsoft data storage differentiating by wide application spectrum.


This database is viewed as excellent alternative to commercial banks including Oracle and MS SQL Server.


MySQL is one of the most popular databases differentiating by user-friendliness and a range of advantages:

  • easy architecture and database design;
  • available planning;
  • friendliness of websites using and serving, created on the basis of MySQL.
  • SQLite

    SQLite is among relational databases having the ability to embed compactly: the library is used in order to bind with system and integrate the framework. The advantage of such approach implies high resource speed, user-friendliness and transportability – the database is able to be transported together with the program.


    This technology is applicable in cases of enhancing scalability and solving the problem of data compliance.

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