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B2C Soft LLC is the business name for a limited liability company B2C Soft LLC (hereinafter referred to as “B2C Soft LLC”, “B2C Soft”, “the company”). Therefore, all references on this website to “B2C Soft” and “the company” mean reference to the legal entity named B2C Soft LLC.
This website is a property of B2C Soft LLC and is administered by it.
Accordingly, information placed on the website of B2C Soft LLC is provided as general guide and can be used only for general informational purposes. In case you need professional consulting, please apply to experts of the company. B2C Soft LLC is not liable for any activity/inactivity performed by other persons as a result of considering/using this website data.

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Personal Information Issues
B2C Soft LLC realizes that today privacy is extremely important and adheres to strict policies in order to protect any private information submitted by our clients. Accordingly, privacy policy is applied to personal information submitted to B2C Soft LLC by any mode of the proper data transfer. Therefore, all personal information submitted to the company by the clients/potential clients or third persons is kept strictly secure and confidential in accordance with the current legislation including Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”. Personal Information generally stored by B2C Soft LLC covers name, surname, e-mail, name of employer and location, but may also include other information necessary for providing with goods/services or submitted in the course of registration on the corporate website. B2C Soft LLC can use the above mentioned information only with the aim of rendering services and being given the consent of the person to his/her personal data processing. Such consent is considered to be given to the company in case of personal data submitting performed by the client/potential client or third person. It should be also mentioned that the client's contact information can be subject to transferring to third parties including our business partners with the aim of providing the full spectrum of services in the most efficient way. If you have any questions on privacy policy of B2C Soft LLC, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, post or by phone, since we are always glad to know your thoughts and propositions regarding our privacy policy improvement.

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