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... best practices and algorithms that accelerate software development and rapid return of our Clients' investments ...

Multi-year practice of successful activity of B2C Soft LLC on the Internet services market provides our clients with tangible results. The growing necessity for modern software development for specific targets, implementation, ongoing support and further maintenance of Internet systems, e-commerce and online projects are considered to be of vital importance in our work. Experts of B2C Soft LLC are not only professionals in creating unique articles and press releases, but they also use skills of websites SEO optimization for search engines. We also give advice in IT sphere, work extensively with mass texting and other marketing goals. As one of the areas of our performance we provide development of websites and online applications for companies conducting business in various spheres of activity:

  • Agricultural sector, food and beverages industry;
  • Real estate and construction;
  • Banking and finance;
  • Hotel business, recreational resources;
  • Health care and medicine;
  • Fashion and beauty industry;
  • Logistics and customs;
  • Publishing industry, media services;
  • Science and education;
  • Advertising, marketing;
  • Safety and security;
  • Recruiting services;
  • Manufacturing industry;
  • Insurance and related services;
  • Communications and data transmission;
  • Trade and supply;
  • Transport, maintenance service;
  • Travel industry;
  • Culture and sport;
  • Law;
  • Consultancy.

This list goes beyond the above mentioned business areas B2C Soft LLC works with. Formidable expertise of our several year performance provided development of leading practices and procedures, owing to which we are able to shorten significantly the term of individual software development. First and foremost, it results in our clients' efficient activity and, consequently, in rapid return of the clients' investments. The special attention of our support group and its IT professionals is focused on transfer of necessary and the most important technical and business knowledge to the client's staff. In such a way the client's independence and flexibility are reached almost on each stage of the rendered services usage in the sphere of programming, Internet sites and Web applications development.

The full spectrum of Internet services

Experts in different business areas realize as simple fact that today the Internet is viewed not only as significant increasing of capabilities of direct business conduct, but also as a unique opportunity to provide information on goods and services to the millions of potential consumers all over the globe. B2C Soft LLC has full spectrum of Internet technologies, self-developed innovative solutions on exclusive website design and Web resource preparation with due account for client's requirements. We consider almost each aspect of SEO optimization and all variants of comprehensive website support. Here we are speaking about filling the site with unique content (from quick, but effective professional rewriting to high-quality, but more expensive exclusive copywriting), well-timed placement of information, website administration, hosting and marketing mass texting.

We provide our clients with efficient instrument for the most complete and comprehensive business presentation and promotion, online realization of the full spectrum of the client's goods and services. Having the opportunity to use our e-commerce solutions, the client is focused on his/her target audience. Our products, owing to recommended strategy and tactics of innovative websites usage, developed by our IT experts, create steady contact between the product and its consumers. One of the key aspects of our activity is continuous monitoring of our product functioning. Client feed back, submitting necessary and comprehensive information on all software development stages, flexible response to new requests and desires – all these facts maintain B2C Soft LLC's being one of the leading companies on the market of Web services and e-commerce software. Request a quote for website programming rates, which depend on skill level of the web developers doing the work.

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