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The task of any website is submitting information on goods and services to the potential buyer, being user and maintenance-friendly. Website having permanent interruptions and failures has no chances of being successful instrument of gaining the target audience. Each minute necessary for such problem solving is viewed as the loss of the client's long-expected confidence to your product and heavy blow to the reputation. Accordingly, continuous control over website and quick response to the change of server behaviour are of vital importance for business conduct.

Owing to high quality and efficient work of B2C Soft LLC the leading companies worldwide trust us. We are able to elaborate individual approach for each client including both small/medium-sized enterprises and large corporations, and the best praise for us is your choice. With professional support and maintenance of B2C Soft LLC your websites and software products are not in danger of hackers, functional failures and technological problems. Advantages of our services in the sphere of websites maintenance are:

  • constant online support and website monitoring;
  • quick response to faults and their operative elimination;
  • detailed reports on the work performed;
  • diagnostics of interruptions and failures;
  • expert consulting on Web resource functioning and accompanying issues.

Technical and information support

Therefore, maintenance is viewed as providing uninterrupted functioning of website by rendering competent technical and information support. Owing to the complex of such actions operating capacity of website is achieved and maintained, being one of the most important criteria of software product efficiency. With professional maintenance the site turns into sales tool working under the defined and efficient process. B2C Soft LLC offers the full spectrum of high quality services in the sphere of websites maintenance:

  • Web resource backup;
  • regular control over virus protection;
  • monitoring website operating capacity;
  • operative elimination of server failures;
  • site traffic monitoring;
  • executing control over domain name registration;
  • providing hosting services;
  • administering mail boxes.

Except the above mentioned services, we can offer you the complex of actions aimed at website improvement and support within the framework of maintenance: information support (writing and updating content including graphical, multimedia and textual data), website optimization, redesign, renovation and online consulting. Choosing the team of B2C Soft LLC, you will reveal new horizons for your business owing to powerful technical abilities of our sophisticated software products.

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