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B2C Engine - framework, engine for dynamic website

B2C Engine v1.04 NEW!

880 UAH
2800 RUB


The price includes:
  • Full open source
  • Installation and initial configuration of the system
  • Lifetime license for 1 domain name (please read License agreement)
  • Free technical support for the first 14 days
  • Free access to the documentation and webinars

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The product B2C Engine developed by B2C Soft LLC is considered to be the framework/engine serving for websites building, custom oriented online solutions and e-commerce software elaboration. This multipurpose and integrated product was created using the latest information technologies and has rich html components including toolbar, table display elements, filter panel, search and update forms, tree structure etc. Administration panel is multi-language and can be modified according to the language installed in GUI.

The team of our professionals on the basis of B2C Engine can develop unique and sophisticated websites for companies conducting business in various spheres of activity: pharmaceuticals and healthcare, travel industry, beauty and fashion, communications etc. In each case you will obtain exclusive and user-friendly Web resource with highly efficient programming modules, content management system and, the main thing, according to your budget.

On our DEMO site you can be acquainted with the latest version and peculiarities of CMS online solution representing content management system for companies conducting business in the Internet:

Maintaining a database on companies and contractors

  • the complete company card including legal, bank and contact information;
  • differentiation according to the types – supplier, company etc.;
  • the ability to add subdivisions/offices in the addresses directory;
  • contact information on persons and company staff;
  • administration of different contracts and their archive backups storage;
  • new companies registration using online form on the website;
  • printing the list of all companies including those selected by the search and filters;
  • companies data export into external programs, text and table editors;
  • sorting the list of companies according to any table field with the ability to switch between one/multipage representing;
  • data backup of the companies being not engaged in activities.

Maintaining a database on clients

  • the complete card of the client including contact information, date of birth, addresses;
  • differentiation by the types and roles – manager, client, accountant etc.;
  • the ability to add several addresses (factual residential address, registration/residence registration;
  • binding of the person to the certain company;
  • printing the list of all persons including those selected by the search and filters;
  • new clients registration with the help of online form on the website;
  • clients data export into external programs, text and table editors;
  • sorting the list of persons according to any table field with the ability to switch between one/multipage representing;
  • data backup of the persons being not engaged in activities.

Building reports (financial, analytical, statistic)

  • statistic reports on requests and so on;
  • financial reports on months, quarters, years or periods selected according to filters and search criteria;
  • analytical reports on different indicators for mid/high level managers and chief executives;
  • export of the results obtained into the systems of working with table data and building graphic diagrams;
  • using different complex filters – according to dates, statuses, request types, notes and other fields;
  • reports on visiting website/administration section.

Marketing tools and SMS + email service

  • emails distribution using email from the clients’ database;
  • SMS distribution using contact mobiles from the clients’ database;
  • the ability to implement email or mobile subscription form for news and special offers of the company;
  • support of unsubscription by one click;
  • HTML/Text templates for bulk mail;
  • the ability to introduce coupons or gift certificates.

Customization of system and application data register

  • keeping different reference books;
  • keeping and administrating feedback on the company;
  • content and website stuffing management for end user;
  • keeping content of package offers and news;
  • management of application system properties and register (regional customization, currencies, emails, component etc.);
  • management and adjustment of safety control system (Firewall brandmauer, roles, access rights);
  • management and adjustment of multilanguage program interface;
  • currency rate administration;
  • reference book of words, word combinations and their translations;
  • log of system errors, safety and sessions.

CMS (Content Management System)

  • creation and management of HTML content for all pages;
  • database using for content storage;
  • building visible part of website for users with the help of XML data;
  • XML data transformation with the help of modular XSLT templates;
  • WYSIWYG built-in redactor for content management;
  • cross-browser design of all pages and control elements;
  • advanced support of SEO optimization for search engines.


  • operating system: Windows XP/7/Server and higher;
  • Web server: IIS 6.0 + ASP classic;
  • database: MSDE, MS SQL 2000 and higher;
  • components installed: MS XML;
  • hosting: locally Intranet, or from virtual, VPS to dedicated;
  • disk space: from 20 Mb;
  • RAM memory: from 2Gb, is defined by the system.

B2C Engine is considered to be software enabling you to solve any problems on website content management and being created in order to computerize business processes of commercial companies in any business sphere. The program is supplied with open source code, unified user interface, cross functional administration panel. Code modularity and simplicity enable you to scale the system easily and solve new issues set by the client.

If you want to create modern website being compliant with the latest technologies and Internet developments, you should definitely make use of our sophisticated B2C Engine framework. We shall consider all your ideas and wishes, and also provide you with professional advice and consultancy on how to make your website effective and lucrative.

* Some of the above described software functionality can be not included to the base version and is developed on a paying basis if requested by the customer.

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