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Direct Tur LLC
Kiev, Ukraine

Direct Tur is well-experienced and reliable tour operator and the leader of travel services market, differentiating by high professionalism, quality and knowledge of the industry of recreation and traveling. Direct Tur organizes unforgettable guided tours and business trips, taking into consideration the peculiarities of resorts, your wishes and budget.

The task: development of bright and sophisticated corporate website of tour operator with high spectrum of functions. The selection of the most optimal structure of the resource, design and interfaces. Programming. The combination of style, convenience and functionality. Creation of high quality content and optimization conducted for search engines. Programming. Combination of style, comfort and functionality. Writing quality content and optimization for search engines. Usage of software for travel agencies and tour operators B2C Tour Pro, including the site for potential customers and Administration section and the processing of tourism managers. Integration of global search systems, selection and booking tickets Galileo (and, if necessary, Amadeus).

Design: colorful, state-of-the-art, convenient in service.

Website was launched in the middle of 2008 year.

Website traffic achieved:

  • for the year 2009 - 175 thousand of unique hosts;
  • for the year 2010 - 966 thousand of unique hosts;
  • for the year 2011 - 1 million 159 thousand of unique hosts;
  • for the year 2012 - 1 million 125 thousand of unique hosts;
  • for the year 2013 - 951 thousand of unique hosts.

SEO optimization performed: website is among three top in the search results on Google.com.ua, Yandex.ru, Bing.com on a variety of high-frequency search phrases. The list below shows some of them on Google.com.ua:

  • "flights to France", as well as almost to any other country of the world, place 2 from the results of about 2 million 470 thousand;
  • "charter flights to Egypt," and other charter destinations, place 1 from the results of approximately 442 thousand;
  • "cheap tours", as well as synonyms-tours etc, place 2 from the results of approximately 980 thousand;
  • "request for tickets", 1st place from the results of about 1 million 760 thousand;
  • "tour to Egypt for May", 1st place from the results of approximately 1 million 20 thousand;
  • and many other

* data on March 5, 2014

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